To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.

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PETS or animals of ANY kind are NOT allowed on the premises or around the playing fields!

Please plan accordingly for the care of your animals. State Police and Animal Control will be patrolling the grounds.



 All teams/All age levels

  • Games may be held on modified fields.
  • Coaches, players and spectators will respect referees, respect opponents and show good sportsmanship. Failure to do so will result in penalty cards or game forfeit.
  • Sportsmanship points will be awarded to teams throughout the tournament and tracked at the referee tent. One team in each division will be designated the Sportsmanship Winner!
  • No jewelry of any kind including no taped earrings, no wristbands/watches. Fouls will be administered for jewelry violations.
  • All players must wear goggles and colored (not clear) mouth guards with no strap. Sticks and headgear must be legal per USA Lacrosse guidelines.
  • Time is 25 min running for each game on a horn. No team time outs are allowed. Play may be stopped in the event of player injury or due to severe weather.
  • Goalie must be dressed in full safety equipment.
  • Coaches are responsible for equipment and safety standards per USA Lacrosse guidelines
  • Teams must observe age level guidelines – for example, a 4th grader can “play up” with junior 5/6 grade team, but a 7th grader cannot “play down”.
  • Alternate possession will start with the first team listed for that match
  • Sportsmanship tournament: scores are not kept.

Bantam U10: Grades 3 & 4

  • Game format is 8v8 with 7 field players and 1 goalie. Field players are set up as 2 defenders, 3 midfield, and 2 attack.
  • Coaches may mutually agree to play other formats as appropriate based on number of players; 10v10, or 7v7.
  • 2 players must stay back behind the restraining line to avoid off-sides; center line will serve as the restraining line.
  • Draws after each goal - this is the only exception to USA Lacrosse rules.
  • On goalie clears, field players must move beyond the 8m.
  • No 3 pass rule.
  • No Checking.
  • Defense - 1v1 defense outside the 8m fan, double teams allowed in 8m area.

Juniors U12 (grades 5 & 6) and Seniors U14 (grades 7 & 8)   

  • Game format is 12v12.
  • Modified Checking for all matches; grade 7/8 will not play transitional checking
  • USA Lacrosse rules will be followed
  • Cards: Teams play short on carded fouls; coaches are required to track the time and can release the player from penalty area once time is elapsed.  Card is not released on goals.
  • Cards: If the same player is given 2 yellow cards in one game, they must sit out for the remainder of the game.  If a coach is given a yellow card, they must remove a player from the field to serve the penalty.
  • Cards: If a red card is issue to a player or coach, they may not participate in the remainder of the tournament.
  • Stalling, holding the ball to run down the time is not allowed; this will be a foul and ball turned over to other team.
  • 3 seconds closely guarded foul will be called. 



All teams/All age levels

  • Games may be held on modified fields.
  • All games shall be governed by the 2022 National Federation of State High School Associations Boys Lacrosse Rules (the “Federation Rules”), except as modified by these rules of play.
  • Field players and Goalie must be dressed in full safety equipment:
    • Helmet, shoulder pads, arm guards, elbow pads, gloves, and mouth guard.
  • Safety rules per US Lacrosse guidelines will be strictly adhered to.
  • Teams are asked to observe age level guidelines – for example, a 4th grader can “play up” with a junior team, but a 7th grader cannot “play down”.
  • No take out checks for all divisions. A take out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put the other on the ground.
  • One handed stick checks are not allowed at the Bantam, Junior and Senior divisions.
  • Games will consist of one 25 minute period with a running clock.
  • Team or coaches time-outs are not allowed.
  • Referee injury time-outs are allowed however the game clock will continue to run.
  • Substitutions may be performed at any time, but must be done expeditiously due to time constraints. Referees may award opposing team possession of ball for prolonged delays.
  • Any individual that accumulates three (3) personal fouls during a single game shall be prohibited from participating further in the game.
  • Fighting is an expulsion foul. Any player that is expelled from a game for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct shall be prohibited from participating in the remainder of the tournament.

Bantam: Grades 3 & 4

  • Game format is 10v10 with 9 field players and 1 goalie.
    • 10 v 10 = 3 attacks, 3 midfielders, 3 defenders, goalie
      • Attacks and Defenders must remain in their respective offensive and defensive zones and cannot cross the midfield line.
      •  Midfielders can move between offensive and defensive zones (can cross mid-field)
  • Coaches may mutually agree to play other formats as appropriate based on number of players.
  • Maximum stick length is 36 inches, including head. No long poles or modified long poles.
  • Coaches are not allowed on the field of play
  • Substitutions can occur on the fly once the substituted player has fully exited the field of play.
  • No time outs other than by referee or injury.
  • Face offs - will take place at the beginning of the game and after each goal.
    • A team shall place one faceoff player at the center of the field and one midfielder at opposite wingsAll other players behind goal line extended in their respective zones.
  • Penalties- Technical and personal fouls per US Lacrosse U-10 rules. Penalties resulting in a flag will require the offending player to leave the field of play for 30 seconds. A new player may be substituted in (no ‘man down’ situations)
  • Scoring - For the ball to be ‘hot’ and count as a score:
    • There must be one attempted pass by the team in possession in the offensive zone before a player can shoot on goal. This applies to face offs and regular play. The attempted pass must occur with both players from the possessing team in the offensive zone.
    • A clear by the goalie or another defensive player past midfield does not make the ball ‘hot’. An additional pass attempt is required in the offensive zone. 
    • An attempted pass is:
      • A clean catch
      • A ball that is dropped, but the possessing team wins the ground ball.
  • In the event of a prolonged loose ‘scrum’ ball, referee may enforce alternate possession rule to promote continuous play.

Boys Juniors (grades 5 & 6)

  • Stalling, 20 second clearing, or 10 second advancing the ball rules will NOT apply.

Boys Seniors (grades 7 & 8)   

  • Stalling, 20 second clearing, or 10 second advancing the ball rules will apply.


Sportsmanship is the focus of the Paul Bowers Memorial Lacrosse Tournament.  One team in each age division is recognized each year. The following scoring policy is in place:

  1. For each game played, each referee can award five (5) points based on the sportsmanship displayed by the players, coaches and fans. Both teams can score 5 points, should both demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship. 
  2. After each game, the referee informs the sportsmanship scorekeeper of the point distribution for that game. 
  3. At the end of Bantam, Junior and Senior division play, the points are tallied by team and the team with the most points is awarded the Bowers Sportsmanship Award.  We encourage you to stay until the end of your division to see if your team wins this special honor!