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The Power of Positivity


Coaches, both good and bad, matter. At their best they make a lifetime of difference. This begs a question worth considering: what impact will you have on the kids you coach?


Being positive with players causes them to try hard, rapidly develop new skills, and be flexible and open to new ways to accomplish their goals.

This sounds good, but what evidence is there to validate the idea that individuals who are treated positively solve problems better and more quickly than individuals who are not?

In a landmark paper entitled What Good Are Positive Emotions?, Barbara Fredrickson says, "...positive emotions serve to broaden an individual's momentary thought-action repertoire, which in turn has the effect of building that individual's physical, intellectual, and social resources."

Sports is chock full of situations that require thought-action in a moment. Who doesn't want people on their team with increased physical, intellectual, and social resources!"



adapted from The Power of Double-Goal Coaching by Jim Thompson